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How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

Sieving through the right leads and converting the same to get the consumers to pay can be a daunting experience.

Without being empowered by a strong sales funnel, some leads may never give desired results and hurt your bottom line.

This must have intrigued you on how to make a high converting sales funnel in WordPress.

It is the most reliable way that your audience takes in the website for becoming a customer.

And when this path is optimized, it can lead to better conversions along with increased sales.

Creating a viable sales funnel in WordPress is among the essential marketing techniques employed by any eCommerce platform.

If you haven't done it yet, you could be missing out on prospective customers.

What are a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is an effective marketing concept that maps out the path that every consumer traverses while making any buying decision.

This model is shaped in the form of a funnel as most consumers start the journey at the upper end of the sales process.

But it's worth mentioning that only a fraction of this audience finally makes the purchase.

Depending on the individual sales model of the company, there are several stages of this funnel including the top, middle, and bottom.

As a prospective audience passes through each stage of the funnel, they point to a more impactful commitment to the buying objective of the products and services.

Why are sales funnels so effective?

If you are running a business, you are well aware of the dangers of missing out on sales.

Sometimes, even after putting in utmost effort in creating content, webinars, lead magnets, and a lot more, you may experience that a major percentage of your prospects are dropping out of the sales funnel without being converted.

This is a very common scenario while running any business. But it happens much less when you have an effective sales funnel at your disposal, you are better guarded against such situations.

A sales funnel aids a business by helping them understand the behaviour of their target audience.

When you have a clear insight into what your consumers are thinking, and looking for at various stages of their buying process, you can build the best marketing channels and activities for creating the most relevant message at each stage.

What are the steps within a sales funnel?

AIDA and its impact on conversion

To fully comprehend the sales funnel, it's imperative to first understand the journey of a consumer.

That is the process that every buyer goes through when they want to make a purchase.

One of the best ways to represent this journey is the AIDA model that sums up Awareness, Interest, Desire, and finally, Action.

Awareness: In this initial stage, your prospective consumer first comes to know about your brand and its products and services. Interest: In this stage, your audience will try to find out more about your brand and the products you offer.

Desire: Here your brand establishes a connection with people and pushes them to desire your products and services.

Action: This is the final stage where the audience is finally converted and decides on buying your products and services.

In this stage, you will have to make the buying process smooth and convincing.

The most important stage of this sales funnel is Retention where the brand puts efforts into encouraging brand loyalty and getting the consumers to keep making purchases.

What do you need to build a sales funnel?

Now that you are aware of the impact of this tool on your business, it must have crossed your mind how you can make a high converting sales funnel in WordPress.

In the first place, you will have to set up the desired plugins and services. Then, you can move forward to building two WordPress landing pages: a pop-up and a Thank You page.

In the next step, you will have to connect the pages, pop-up, and email platforms.

You will then have to install Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics.

After this, all that you are left to do is test your experiment. Make sure that you are not hasty in your moves as reliable information never comes easy.

A marketing plan with defined goals

As you have understood the impact of creating a sales funnel, let's understand how to create an effective marketing plan with Cartflows and Woocommerce that's going to help your business.

The steps described below can be adapted to all eCommerce sites. You may have to tweak them a little to cater to your website needs.

Marketing content to support the funnel

To turn your audience into loyal customers who are always ready to purchase your products and services, you must include highly engaging and thoughtful content at every stage of the sales funnel.

For this, you will first have to recognize the very purpose of the sales funnel and work through it at each stage of AIDA.

In the Awareness Phase, the content should be quite engaging but have a reduced text count.

On the other hand, the content of the Evaluation Phase should include eBooks, blog posts, case studies, webinars, and email newsletters.

In the last stage, ie., the Purchase Phase, your content should include testimonials, ratings, reviews, and regular emails.

WooCommerce (how to create a WordPress eCommerce website)

In case you haven't yet started using WooCommerce, it's high time that you do it.

The setup wizard of this tool is easy to follow and works well with any online store, shipping options, as well as payment gateways.

There are several tutorials for WooCommerce available online which implies that if you get stuck somewhere, you can be through easily.

A sales funnel plugin (CartFlows)

How to Make a High Converting Sales Funnel in WordPress

The next part is creating a landing page for the product.

This kind of content is designed for converting the visitors arriving at the website during the initial stages.

Such consumers probably have encountered the marketing campaigns and looking for more information currently.

A landing page

For creating your landing page, you need to go to; Cartflows and add new flows which can be customized later.

This landing page displays templates only which work in liaison with the chosen page builder.

You can opt for the one you prefer and go to Import for flow editing.

Analytics and tracking tools

It's important to incorporate the strength of Google Analytics for your landing page for a meticulous tracking of certain events.

This is perhaps easier when you already possess a Google Analytics account at your disposal.

Even if you do not have it setting up this page is effortless. Next, you can click the; Enable' checkbox and you are good to go.

How can CartFlows help you build high conversion sales funnels?

CartFlows help in optimizing the sales funnels with the key pages and features for aiding visitors to complete their purchases effortlessly.

This plugin works with a host of pre-built pages which can be imported with a single click.

These pre-built sales funnels can be customized with ease to cater to your website's purpose and style.

CartFlows is available in both premium and free versions and the latter comes with lesser templates.

With CartFlows, your brand's visitors become aware of the products and services you offer.

The lead comes automatically to the landing page of the product.

How to build a sales funnel in WordPress using CartFlows

WordPress along with a few incredible plugins are all that you need to set up a great sales funnel for your business.

For enabling this, you will require a web page along with a domain a chosen WordPress theme, and of course, Cartflows.

There is also an option of installing a page builder plugin as well as a newsletter plugin.

Next, you will have to download WooCommerce from the WordPress repository.

The Setup Wizard will guide you through the basics of setting up your eCommerce store.

As soon as Cartflow is activated, you will see the next pop-up which will prompt you to begin the setup wizard.

When you complete the process, you will be directed to build the first flow.

Testing your sales funnel

Split testing or A/B testing enables the users to swap out various elements for the visitors and make use of the Analytics to assess which one is more effective in bringing conversions.

You may even overhaul the complete page design to check which one is more attractive to the consumers.

It's worth noting that Split Testing comes as a pro feature indicating that you will have to upgrade to a premium version.

The first step is clicking the three dots to the specific page that you wish to split test.

With this, your page will create a clone before making any edits.

To check how it's going with each page, you will have to open Cartflow and click on Analytics for checking the conversion rate.


A sales funnel is one of the most sought-after ways to boost audience conversion.

Regardless of whether you are offering physical or online products and services, it's an essential strategy for all online businesses. Armed with the knowledge and technical know-how of the sales funnel, you can real its benefits in growing your business and utilize it in your WordPress store

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